If you’re tired of the same ole ice cream truck company and are looking for the next level in ice cream truck excitement then you’re at the right place. We offer (The Icey Mobile) ice cream truck starter package starting at $99 includes 25 pieces of ice cream free from a preselected list of ice cream. Each additional piece of ice cream over 25 pieces is only $1 per selection.

How this works is this option gives you total control over your bill you know exactly how much your bottom line cost will be based on the number of people you have reserved. No more surprises however, we do offer the option of $1 to $3.50 treats. There is no way to know your final cost until after your event is done with this option.

With Iceyhut the sky is the limit from our designer ice cream trucks with sound systems so you have a music option, friendly upbeat uniformed staff to add fun to your event, and to top things off we carry over 45 delicious novelty treat selections onboard our ice cream trucks. Last but no least we create a safe and fun environment for all involved. Please preview our truck selections below and we thank you for your time.

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Got A Fund Raiser Idea? Try this one!

Let us help you along the way to raising money for your next event. We make it easy! We provide IceyHut gift cards that can serve as prepaid cards, loyalty/reward cards, promotional cards, discount cards or punch cards. Once your event is done we cut you a check giving you 20 percent of the all proceeds. We have a wide range of products to choose from for your fund raiser T-Shirts, Shaved Ice, Ice Cream, Carnival Games and so much more. For more details please call us at 770.298.1202 make sure to ask about our POS tracking system.